Knuth - CNC Waterjet

With over 30 Years of experience selling and servicing the precision manufacturing markets, Clinton Wenzel Machine, LLC offers its customer base the knowledge, products, and expertise to apply the proper machine and/or process solution to solve the customer's problems. We take pride in not only providing the correct machine configuration for a particular part need, but also being able to support the equipment with our Local Field Technical Service and Support during the lifetime of the equipment.

Knuth - Plasma Jet

To provide World Class equipment and machinery for our Customers, and support our equipment with unprecidented Local Field Technical Service and Support.

"We had been searching for  a compitent and local Field Service Technician to assist and service our Manual and CNC Machines. When Clinton Wenzel recomended Chris Tompkins and C.T.M.E. , we found a local, prompt, knowledgeable, and fair solution."

Willis - Manual Knee Mill


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 EDAC Machinery  - "New" Grinding Machine

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Willis - Radial Arm Drill

Flex Arm - Tapping Arm

Lucas/Fermat - "New" Lucas 5 Fermat HBM

Mr. Scott C., Shop Supt.

​Coastal Marine Equipment

​​Emco Maier -HT65 Powermill

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